From the Start Lyrics: Your Cheat Sheet to Understanding

Looking for the lyrics to “From the Start” by Laufey? You’ve come to the right place!

Key takeaways:

  • Letras de canciones help you understand the emotions behind a song.
  • Laufey is a rising star with soulful melodies and thoughtful lyrics.
  • Add “Street by Street,” “I Was In A Band,” and “Waterbirth” to your playlist.
  • Explore related playlists to discover similar music to “From The Start.”
  • Laufey’s most popular lyrics resonate with millions of listeners.

Letras De Canciones

from the start lyrics

Letras de canciones are the words sung in a song, they’re like the story a musician tells. You can discover the emotions, the meaning, and connect with the music on a deeper level by understanding the lyrics. Dive into the lyrics and let the music take you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts and feelings. It’s a fun way to decode the message behind the melody and embrace the beauty of music. Explore the letras de canciones of your favorite artists and uncover the magic hidden in their words.


Laufey is a rising star in the music scene bringing fresh and catchy tunes to our playlists. Their music blends soulful melodies with thoughtful lyrics that speak to the heart. You can’t help but vibe along to the smooth sounds they deliver in each song. Laufey’s unique style and emotive vocals capture the essence of storytelling through music, making them a standout artist to watch.

Most Played From Laufey

Here are some of the most popular songs from Laufey that you should definitely add to your playlist: “Street by Street,” “I Was In A Band,” and “Waterbirth.” These tunes showcase Laufey’s unique style and captivating vocals. Don’t miss out on these catchy tracks that have been getting everyone’s attention lately! So, add them to your playlist and enjoy the musical journey with Laufey.

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Related playlists can introduce you to even more music similar to From The Start lyrics. These playlists often feature songs by other artists with a similar vibe or style. They can be a great way to discover new music that you might enjoy if you like the song “From The Start.” So, don’t hesitate to explore these playlists to expand your musical horizons and find more tunes that resonate with you.

Most Popular

The most popular lyrics from Laufey are the ones that resonate with listeners the most. They often showcase clever wordplay, relatable themes, or catchy refrains that get stuck in your head. These lyrics can be found in Laufey’s top songs, which have garnered millions of plays on streaming platforms. Fans often share their favorite lines on social media, turning them into viral memes or TikTok challenges. Dive into Laufey’s music to discover which lyrics stand out to you the most.