Crochet Bucket Hat Trend: Understanding Its Popularity and Style Influence

Diving headfirst into the world of fashion, crochet bucket hats have emerged as a must-have accessory, combining vintage charm with modern style.

Crochet bucket hats are making a big splash in the fashion world, redefining the boundaries of chic and casual wear. This trend, popularized by celebrities and influencers alike, has its roots in the 90s and has swooped back into the fashion scene with a twist – crochet. This article delves into the resurgence of crochet bucket hats, the reasons behind its popularity, and how to style them.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or a curious observer, you’ll find everything you need to know about this trend, from its history to the various ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Key takeaways:

  • Crochet bucket hats bring vintage charm to modern style.
  • Resurgence of 90s trend with a twist – crochet.
  • Popularity reasons: nostalgia, sustainability, versatility, practicality, celebrity endorsement.
  • Colorful crochet bucket hats elevate any outfit.
  • Style tips and where to buy, maintain and care for your hat.

Origin and Revival of Crochet Bucket Hat Trend

crochet bucket hat trend

The Crochet Bucket Hat journeyed to popularity in the 1960s as a necessity for anglers and farmers, offering the practical aspect of sun protection. Its unique and simplistic design soon caught the attention of the fashion world, becoming a staple item in the ’90s streetwear. Hip-hop artists and pop icons of the era sported these hats, solidifying their trendy status.

Since then, these hats took a back seat until they were revived recently by high-fashion designers, celebrities and fashion influencers alike. Their appeal lies in the blend of nostalgia, versatility and the statement they make. Especially, the homemade aesthetic of crochet, typically associated with grandma’s knits, is now embraced by fashion enthusiasts for its delicate, intricate designs and sustainable aspect.

With the rise of DIY culture and sustainability in fashion, people began to explore crocheting their bucket hats – a pastime turned into an exciting trend. Despite these hats having a rich history, the emphasis is now on their design, with various patterns, from simple to complex, being explored. It’s a testament to the cyclic nature of fashion trends, where old becomes new again.

In the following sections, we’ll delve further into the style aspects of the trend, the explosion of color variations, and how to best wear and maintain your crochet bucket hat.

Understanding the Popularity of Crochet Bucket Hats

When it comes to crochet bucket hats, several factors contribute to their surge in popularity.

Firstly, the undeniable nostalgia associated with them. Taking inspiration from the ’90s, the bucket hat revival cradles a widespread yearning for simpler days. A crochet interpretation sends us even further back in time, bringing a homespun, DIY aesthetic to our wardrobes.

Secondly, the spotlight on sustainable fashion plays a significant role. These handcrafted hats signal a shift away from mass-produced fast fashion trends, reinforcing an desire for unique, environmentally friendly pieces.

Not to overlook their versatility. With endless color combinations and patterns, a crochet bucket hat can be a statement piece or a subtle accessory, making them a fantastic option for fashion enthusiasts.

Practicality is another vital aspect. Lightweight and portable, these hats are perfect for shielding eyes and skin from the sun, hence their popularity during summertime and at festivals.

Finally, celebrity endorsement fuels the trend. From Rihanna to Bella Hadid, many fashion-forward celebrities have been spotted wearing crochet bucket hats, influencing their vast follower base into embracing the trend.

Spotlight On Colorful Crochet Bucket Hats

Diverse in hue, vivid crochet bucket hats add a splash of color to any outfit, effortlessly transforming a drab look into a vibrant, fashion-forward statement. This trend isn’t confined to any one color palette, instead celebrating a wide spectrum from pastels to neons, from cool to warm shades.

While mixing and matching with colorful bucket hats, the wearer’s individuality takes center stage. Bright shades can amplify a rather neutral outfit, elevating casual wear to new heights. Styling a colorful hat with darker attire can create a high contrast, eye-catching look.

Not to overlook, the resurgence of 90s fashion trends has augmented the appeal of multi-colored bucket hats. It harkens back to the decade’s bold and experimental style, reminiscent of fond pop culture nostalgia.

Following are a few ways to rock this trend:

  • Pair a bright, solid-colored crochet bucket hat with a monochrome outfit to create a standout look.
  • Experiment with color-blocking by matching your hat’s color with another accessory like a handbag or shoes.
  • If feeling adventurous, why not try a multi-colored hat? It can add a playful touch to a simple t-shirt and jeans ensemble.
  • For a subtler approach, choose a pastel-colored hat – it can provide a delicate pop of color without overwhelming your outfit.

In essence, colorful crochet bucket hats accommodate an array of style preferences, making them an indispensable fashion accessory. They’re a testament to the power of color in punctuating our personal style.

How to Style Your Crochet Bucket Hat

For a contemporary streetwear look, pair the hat with oversized shirts, baggy jeans, and chunky sneakers. Accessories like hoop earrings or neck chains enhance the overall ensemble.

Defining a boho chic style, match the hat with maxi dresses or cropped tops and wide-leg pants, and moccasins or sandals. Layering with a denim jacket or oversized cardigan adds depth.

For beach vibes, combine the hat with sundresses, bikinis, or shorts with a plain tee. Add round-frame sunglasses and strappy flat sandals or flip-flops.

In cooler weather, merge the hat with a trench coat, high-neck sweaters, or scarf. Opt for toned-down colors like cream, brown, or grey.

For a smart casual mashup, wear the hat with a tucked-in blouse, high-waisted trousers or skirt. Complete the look with loafers or heels.

Substituting a conventional cap, pair the hat with workout gear – sports bras, leggings, tanks, or joggers. Remember, less is more in this look.

Match neutral-colored hats with bold patterns for balance. And, vice versa – team bright, patterned hats with subdued outfits to let your hat shine.

Finally, experiment with different hairstyles – braids, low bun, ponytail, or simply let your hair loose. However, avoid high buns or thick hairstyles, as they do not sit well under the hat.

Where to Buy Your Crochet Bucket Hat

A variety of online marketplaces present a substantial array of crochet bucket hats including standing out as a go-to destination for quality and design variety.

Etsy, for instance, is famed for its unique, handmade items, where numerous crafters share their beautiful, one-of-a-kind crochet bucket hats. It’s an ideal place to shop if you’re supporting small businesses and are fond of personalized creations.

Amazon can’t be left out when mentioning popular online shopping sites. They offer a diverse range of crochet bucket hat options, catering to all different tastes, styles, and budgets. You can filter the listings by color, size, material, price, and customer review to make the selection process more convenient.

Fashion-forward platforms like ASOS and Urban Outfitters provide an array of trendy crochet bucket hats for those staying atop the current styles. They typically carry bucket hats from numerous brands and in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Visiting the websites of your favorite retail stores is also a good idea. Brands like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 periodically carry crochet bucket hats as part on their seasonal collections.

For a more sustainable shopping option, consider second-hand platforms such as Depop and Poshmark where vintage and previously loved bucket hats can be found. This is advantageous not only for the environment but also for those seeking unique retro styles.

Local craft fairs and boutiques may also offer crochet bucket hats, giving you the chance to meet the artisans behind the creations. This provides a unique chance to learn more about the craft and even request custom designs. Remember to research and check the availability before visiting to ensure a fruitful shopping experience.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Crochet Bucket Hat

Despite their robust appearance, crochet bucket hats often require delicate care to maintain their texture and color. It is optimal to handwash them using cold water to prevent shrinkage, keeping away from vigorous scrubbing to prevent distorting its shape and delicate patterns. Use a light detergent specifically suited for colored clothing to ensure the hat’s vibrant hues remain unaltered.

After washing, avoid wringing the hat harshly. Instead, gently squeeze out the excess water. Dry it by laying it flat on a clean towel, refraining from using a dryer or drying directly under the sun to avoid fading or shape distortion.

If your hat has gotten out of shape, you can use a fabric steamer to reshape it. Lightly steam the hat, then reshape it with your hands while it’s damp. Be sure to allow it to cool and dry in its correct form.

A crucial aspect of maintenance is proper storage. Keep it in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. Try to store it on a flat surface or use a hat stand to prevent it from getting crushed or misshaped.

Minor repairs, like fixing loose threads, are DIY-able with careful handling and matching yarn. However, for serious damage, seek help from a professional to fix your beloved crochet bucket hat. These simple tops will help your hat stay in optimum condition and continue to be a statement piece in your wardrobe.

Impact of Crochet Bucket Hat Trend On Fashion Industry

Crochet Bucket Hats have truly marked their influence in the fashion industry. One of the key impacts of the trend is its promotion of sustainable fashion. Being reusable and eco-friendly, these hats underscore the importance of moving away from the use of non-biodegradable materials.

The trend has also stimulated creativity among fashion enthusiasts and crochet hobbyists alike. The hats, customizable in terms of color, size and patterns, have inspired a plethora of DIY hat-making tutorials and community sharing, thus encouraging individual expression and handcraft skills.

The rise in demand for these stylish hats has opened a new market for artisans and small businesses. This has further resulted in encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting local businesses.

Lastly, the trend has significantly affected the fashion runway too. Many designers, recognizing the popularity of these hats, have incorporated them into their collections, thereby showcasing the Crochet Bucket Hat not just as a fad, but a high-fashion accessory.


Are bucket hats still in style 2023?

Yes, bucket hats continue to be in style in 2023.

Are crochet bucket hats popular?

Yes, crochet bucket hats are a popular trend, gaining prominence ever since Vogue’s June/July issue last summer and being a unanimous choice among designers this season.

Are crochet bucket hats in?

Yes, crochet bucket hats are currently a popular trend in fashion.

Are bucket hats trending?

Yes, bucket hats are a current fashion trend, particularly popular during the summer season.

What makes crochet bucket hats a fashion trend in 2023?

The crochet bucket hats emerged as a popular fashion trend in 2023 due to their vintage appeal, versatility, and heightened interest in sustainable handcrafted accessories.

How are celebrities influencing the popularity of crochet bucket hats?

Celebrities are driving the popularity of crochet bucket hats through frequent flaunting in their public appearances and social media platforms, making them a hot trend in the fashion world.

How are fashion brands responding to the crochet bucket hat trend?

Fashion brands are increasingly incorporating crochet bucket hats into their seasonal collections, creating unique designs and vibrant color palettes to respond to the rising trend.