beforeitsnews: Your Must-Visit Hub for Breaking Stories

Beforeitsnews is a user-generated news platform where non-expert writers share alternative and conspiracy-laden stories that often lack fact-checking.

Key takeaways:

  • BeforeItsNews is a user-generated news platform with alternative and conspiracy-laden stories.
  • Anyone can contribute content to BeforeItsNews as a Guest.
  • Resources on BeforeItsNews include user lists and access to America Declassified shows.
  • America Declassified is a TV show that uncovers secret government files and explores mysteries.
  • User Lists on BeforeItsNews allow users to curate their own personalized lineup of articles and content.



Guest is a feature on BeforeItsNews that allows users to contribute content to the site. Anyone can submit articles, videos, or images to share news, opinions, or insights with the platform’s audience. Guests provide a diverse range of perspectives on various topics, making BeforeItsNews a hub for alternative viewpoints. It’s a great way to engage with a community of like-minded individuals or to challenge conventional narratives. By becoming a Guest on BeforeItsNews, users can participate in shaping the conversation and influencing public discourse.


Resources are essential for beforeitsnews users. You can create user lists to curate articles that interest you. Stay updated with the latest news by accessing America Declassified shows from 2013 onwards. Find a plethora of intriguing information at your fingertips.

America Declassified (2013–)

America Declassified is a show that delves into secret government files and uncovers hidden truths. The show offers viewers a glimpse into classified information and sheds light on mysterious events. With a mix of investigative journalism and expert analysis, America Declassified keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Some episodes focus on conspiracy theories, while others explore historical events from a new perspective. If you enjoy uncovering hidden secrets and diving into the unknown, America Declassified is the show for you.

User Lists

User Lists are a nifty feature on Beforeitsnews that allows users to create curated collections of articles and content that pique their interest. Think of it as your own personalized lineup of must-reads where you can easily access and share the latest and greatest finds with your fellow readers.

These lists can range from conspiracy theories to celebrity gossip, giving users the freedom to showcase their eclectic tastes all in one convenient place. Plus, it’s a great way to stay organized and never miss out on the hottest topics circulating the internet.

Whether you’re into aliens, politics, or hilarious cat videos, User Lists lets you tailor your Beforeitsnews experience to suit your preferences. So go ahead, start compiling your ultimate reading list today and dive into a world of endless possibilities!